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is a ten-character country-western musical which is uniquely American. The setting is a down-home road-stop and tourtist trap located in Success, Arkansas, a road-stop somewhere between America’s two great country music meccas – Branson, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee. Billie Joe is the Cafe’s hot-blooded owner with a short-order philosophy on men. She has three grown kids – Louisa, Missi, and Tex – each named after the state that they were conceived in. Every night Billie Joe & family (backed by a group of good ol’ boy musicians) put on a show for tour bus groups and country music stars who stop by the cafe. Aching for the bright lights and big time waiting just up the road in either direction, they learn they are soon to lose Success. The Army Corps of Engineers is tearing down the levee holding the mighty Mississippi at bay and in just three weeks the Cafe will be under water. When Billie Joe tries to burn down the Cafe to collect the insurance money, all hell breaks loose. In the midst of the pandemonium, Louisa falls in and out of love with Les, a truck-driver with a heart of gold, Missi gets a chance to sing with Garth, and Tex has a close brush with death. Fueled by these trials and tribulations, the family seizes each and every opportunity to try out a new hit, singing twenty original country songs from tear-in-your-beer ballads to Texas-swing to songs that might make their way up the country charts.

For more information about Cowboy Cafe, or to inquire about mounting a production, e-mail us.



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